2017 Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Awards - 2 Nominations for Nightmares and Geezenstacks by Fredric Brown and Offbeat by Richard Matheson

December 2018 Winner of the Audiofile Earphones Award for Joan Samson’s The Auctioneer


2018 Audiobook Listener Awards - 2 Nominations for Blackwater by Michael McDowell and Audrey Rose by Frank De Felitta

Godfrey's exceptional presentation makes this creepy story thrilling to hear.

-Audiofile Magazine, review of The Auctioneer

Narrator Matt Godfrey excels in delivering these subtle horror stories...Godfrey's pace and measured tone build up suspense until the heartbreaking yet mysterious conclusion... Listeners will hang on every word...

-Audiofile Magazine, review of All Souls' Night

Narrator Matt Godfrey sets just the right tone of exasperation and understanding. He delivers Rich's audiobook in a way that makes it seem like a novel — however, this story is all too real. Anyone wishing to learn how the world has gotten to the point of almost inevitable climate disaster will be well served by listening to Godfrey's measured but emphatic reading.

-Audiofile Magazine, review of Losing Earth

Narrator Matt Godfrey's adept presentation of slow-building tension is chilling... Godfrey excels with the first-person conversational style, diverse English accents, and a well-rendered American accent, which enliven this horror story.

-Audiofile Magazine, review of Sweetheart, Sweetheart

Narrator Matt Godfrey has a scratchy, sometimes high-pitched voice with a quirky tone, and he uses it to deliver narrative effectively and to create memorable characters...He smoothly portrays familiar Southern characters, some of whom are stereotypes, enhancing the story.

-Audiofile Magazine, review of Up From Freedom

You will feel that ominous feeling of dread that accompanies David wherever he goes as soon as the narrator begins to speak. His voice seems made for this kind of story.

-Horror After Dark, review of Sweetheart, Sweetheart

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